You Sound Like a Sociopath.

She thought back to third period when she walked into class and there he was. Sat third row from the front next to the window with the warm twelve o’clock sun hitting his ivory skin. She admired his skin that was littered in kisses from the sun. It was smooth and nearly perfect with little freckles spread across his nose and cheeks.

“I could stare at him all day” Chloe said to Maggie , her best friend since third grade who was sat across the bed from her with a large pillow placed in her lap.

“You know you sound crazy right?”

Chloe gave a knowing smile, knowing exactly how crazy she sounded. But couldn’t help it because her heart swelled at the thought of him”

“He can never know that you feel that way about him, hell about his skin. He does not want to hear about how adorable you think he is. No boy would ever want to hear that”

“You think I don’t know that !? I would never say it to him, but I can’t help but think it”

I see him across the classroom and I immediately begin imagining the rest of our lives together. We move to montreal, he gets a degree in science and becomes a famous scientist after I have our three beautiful children.

Three little red headed children dance around our feet. When they look up at us with their giggly smiles, their bright green eyes inherited by their father light up my life. And their red locks inherited by me flow in the wind as their father playfully throws them into the air.

“Okay you know what I am going to cut you off there! And I am going to act like you never said that. Because you sound sound like a sociopath, I feel bad for those imaginary children because their mom, my best friend is being a complete whack job right now. If you ever want to be in a relationship with this guy. You need to cut those thoughts right out of your head, you never said nor thought that.”

“I just imagine running my hands through his jet black hair, it is shiny like new tar that was used to oil an old car. With a few dark curls that pour down and surround his face.”

“Okay, I am going to tell you this because I am your friend.YOU ARE BEING A SOCIOPATH RIGHT NOW!”

Chloe curled in slightly full of embarrassment.

“I am fully aware I sound crazy, heck I am a little crazy! I just don’t know what to do. I really want to talk to him and get to know him. Instead of hiding behind a locker when I see him and following him at lunch. I want to get to know this boy! I just don’t know what to say”

“Maybe start with hey! What do you think of the project Mr. Cooper is making us do in english? Like jesus Chloe he is in your english class. I don’t know why this is so hard for you. There is no need to hide behind a locker.

“You’re right. You are totally right! I am being crazy I just need to simply go up to him and say what do you think of the project?”

“Right that is all you have to do, it’s not weird nor creepy like your current state of being”


“What do you mean no?”

“No I can’t do it”

“No you can’t do what?”

“I cannot go up to him and talk about the project, what will I say when he gives me his opinion? I will choke up on my words and say something stupid and embarrassing and burst into tears”

“okay you are not going to burst into tears, it’s simple, once he gives you his opinion you say cool and give yours. And boom your interaction is over”

“I can’t do it I will just have to snapchat him”

“Really you are going to snapchat him, that is kinda ratchet, might aswell slide into his instagram dm’s.” She said full of disapproval

“Do you have a better idea at least I will be making a move.”

“you’re right just do it”

Grabbing her phone Chloe holds it in her thumbs, clicking on the brightly lit app she trembles slightly. Clicking his name her fingers hover above the keys.

“What do I say”

“Just say hey”

Her trembling fingers clicked the three keys.

“No I can’t do it”

“Are you thick!” Shouted Maggie

“He knows you typed! It comes up notifying him”

“Oh my god, you’re right!” shrieked Chloe

“Just press send and be done” whispered Maggie hovering above Chloe in anticipation.

SHE DID IT!. IT HAPPENED! ITS SENT! Chloe threw her phone across the room releasing the biggest sigh of relief. Since her math test on monday.

The phone dinged from across the room and the girls jumped in excitement, Maggie ran over digging in the pile of pillows searching for Chloe’s phone!

“Its him!’’ she shouted gleefully holding the phone in the air as if it was the prize at the end of a marathon.

Chloe ran over grabbing it from her friends hand with the largest smile plastered on her face.

Clicking the little red box next to his name the words

“Hey, how are you’’ filled the screen

She smiled looking up at her friend gleefully

“There is no way I can answer this right away. I don’t want to come off as a clingy sociopath”

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